Key points of the project

    Status Under Construction
    Objective Cycle-sharing system covering the whole of Switzerland
    Project start 2011
    Stations The whole of Switzerland
    Operator PubliBike
    System Software: Back office system
    Terminal: LIGHT, ALL-IN-ONE
    Docking stations:
    Users Tourists, commuters, city residents
    Target group Public Transport, Local Authorities


    The aim of PubliBike – a joint venture involving PostAuto, Swiss Federal Railways and Rent a Bike – is to supplement public transport. PubliBike's vision is as follows: "Arrive by bus or train and discover the town centre on a Pedelec or standard bike."


    PubliBike extends the tried-and-tested features of conventional bike-sharing systems by adding the option of Pedelecs. These are enjoying increasing popularity, particularly in the mountainous terrain of Switzerland, as they allow riders to travel twice the distance for the same effort. This not only appeals to new customer groups such as business people or commuters, but also satisfies new transport needs.

    Short description

    The Pedelecs are charged directly at the docking station, which makes hiring and returning them just as simple as with conventional bikes. The current charge is displayed next to the status of the bikes. Using the standardised subscription card, bikes can be hired from stations throughout Switzerland, across different bike  sharing systems. Subscription customers receive a RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification), which gives them easy access to all PubliBike systems.

    Special features

    Spontaneous use with credit card
    The intention is for PubliBike to be available not just to subscription holders, but also spontaneous customers (visitors, tourists). These customers register directly at the terminal using their credit cards, and can then hire a PubliBike straight away.

    One-off use
    One-off use within towns and cities is also planned. The density of stations here will be specified by the town, community or company placing the order.

    Tariff structure
    The price model is focused on short-term use and rewards subscription customers with better tariffs. Prices for the premium Pedelec segment will be set significantly higher than for conventional bikes.

    Subscription tariffs
    PubliBike offers two subscription tariffs, the national and the regional tariff. When using conventional bikes, the first half hour is always free of charge.

    The national subscription includes access to all PubliBike stations in Switzerland. The annual fee is 20 Swiss francs.

    The regional subscription is valid for PubliBike stations within a particular region, covering multiple communes. This tariff should only be offered once a network of a sufficient size has been established. The annual fee will be 40 Swiss francs.