Key points of the project

    Status In Planning
    Objective Solution to the problem of the first and last mile
    Project start Initial trial operation - 3rd quarter of 2012
    Stations 3 stations
    No. of bikes 15 Pedelecs
    Tariff model Currently free
    Operator model Austrian Federal Railways
    Terrain Linking the city and the country
    System Terminal: INTEGRAL
    docking station: SAFE
    Users Commuters
    Sector Public transport
    Link http://www.emorail.at


    To bridge the first and last miles using sharing models based on electromobility. . The particular focus here is  creating a sustainable link between rural and urban areas, using public transport.

    In order to achieve this, an individual e-mobility service for commuters will be implemented and tested in 2 rural regions (Bucklige Welt, Leibnitz), along with an intermodal e-car sharing scheme in 2 cities (Vienna, Graz).

    The target group for this research project is commuters. An  innovative, low-cost and environmentally-friendly mobility concept is intended to move commuters away from private cars and towards an e-sharing model,  combined with public transport in an optimum manner.

    Project implementation

    Within the project funded by eMORAIL, a business model will be drawn up that provides users with an Austrian Federal Railways card linked to an electric vehicle in their place of residence, and an intermodal e-car sharing scheme in their town or city of destination. Additional services such as information, repairs, maintenance, etc. offer public transport customers a high level of convenience and great ease of use. These will be provided in collaboration with local authorities and communities. In order to ensure a high rate of use of the vehicles, the electric vehicles will be used by companies during the day (e.g. by social services such public social aid, the post office, etc.).

    The project is currently in the initial stages. In early June 2012, the intermodal e-car sharing scheme at Westbahnhof was launched, with 3 electric vehicles. The integrated e-mobility services for commuters have been in the trial stage since 2012. Scientific monitoring of the pilot implementation will constitute the basis of the catalogue of measures, with suggestions on how to optimise the extensive market launch. This is already being awarded a great deal of weight during the project.

    Special features

    Integration of e-cars, e-bikes and Pedelecs
    Any citizens interested can take part participate in the trial run free of charge right away. Those participating in the trial are asked to share their experiences so as to help the project team improve the system even further.