The compact i:SY bike rides as well as its "big brother". The special geometry of its frame, combined with its 20" wheels with convenient balloon tyres, ensure a surprisingly quiet ride and a high degree of riding comfort. And it comes with very compact dimensions and low-level access. i:SY models are available in brushed aluminium, white, black and red.

    Models equipped with "Speedlifter Twister" twistable handlebars can be stored in no time at all on a bike carrier, in the hold of a motorhome or in a bike shelter. The various configurations range from the Light version to a luxury Tourer with a Rohloff gear hub. Such diversity makes the modern "mini bike" a popular choice for urban cyclists.

    Benefits of the i:SY Pedelec for operators include:

    • Only one model required for male and female customers
    • Only one size required for people[nsbp] with a height of between 155 and 190 cm.i:SY is suitable for all ages due to its low-level accessIts compact dimensions make it easier to transport in vehicles for delivery.The i:SY in your company colours is also great for advertising due to its unique appearance.

    Benefits of the i:SY Pedelec for users include:

    • Each user feels secure on the i:SY thanks to its height-adjustable seat post and the optional height-adjustable handlebars
    • Its 20" wheels make for a very agile bike with balanced handling characteristicsIts balloon tyres and steel frame ensure optimal riding comfort.Despite its low-level access that makes it easier to mount, the bike has a modern design.Its compact dimensions make it easy to take on public transport or in the car.