Basic Package

In addition to the features that come with the Starter package (the core application), the Basic package enables customer cards to be integrated (resilient swipe cards or contactless using RFID).

RFID reader module
A username and password are supplied with the customer card, which is sent out directly from the centre. This enables all the information to be retrieved within seconds.

Weighing system
As well as the customer cards, the Basic package makes it possible to integrate a weighing system, thereby automating the goods inward and account settlement processes even further. The scales communicate with the logistics system and reports the weight in real time.

The Basic package includes the following modules:

  • Identification and categorisation of customers, vehicles and registration numbers
  • Management of multiple tariff categoriesMonitoring of storage management, quantity and goods flowStandard reports (Volume analysis, customer analysis, analysis of the incoming and outgoing audit trail, flow of goods)Automated weighing system