Company Mobility Management

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Provision of e-mobility for employees
    Project start 2011
    Stations 3 stations
    No. of bikes 15 Pedelecs
    Tariff model Currently free
    Area covered Movement between locations
    Terrain Flat
    System Terminal: INTEGRAL
    docking station: SAFE
    Sector Organisations & Companies


    The aim is for around 2,000 employees to travel quickly and conveniently between the company buildings that are located around the city, and also for them to carry out private errands. Electromobility therefore clearly forms part of everyday life within the company.


    The business and development strategies of a large polymer manufacturer are noticeably focused on the topics of energy efficiency and electromobility. This forms part of the company culture that all staff put into practice.

    Thanks to the commissioning of the Pedelec system using 'Stromer' bikes, the company's employees benefit from a sustainable and innovative method of transport.

    Project implementation

    The 20 Stromer bikes are located on the company site, in the cubes provided for this purpose. This allows employees to move around the company's extensive sites quickly and conveniently. The Pedelecs  are charged with electricity at the shelters.

    The Pedelec project is based on our bike-sharing system, which has been described by the press as clever and cutting-edge. As soon as the system identifies the company ID card, the lock is released and the Pedelec can easily be removed from the charging station. Not only can the bikes be used during working hours, they are also available to company employees in their leisure time.

    Public perception

    Information about the Pedelecs was provided by the Automotive employees and Stromer, the Pedelec manufacturer.

    Special features

    Health promotion amongst employees
    Using a 'Health account', our system informs  users of how many kilometres they have already covered on the bike and how many calories they have used in doing so.

    Bike-to-Go research project
    As part of the official inauguration of the Pedelec fleet, the 'Bike-to-Go' research project will also be presented. An interdisciplinary team of eight students from NTU Singapore and Technische Universität München have designed a folding Pedelec, setting new benchmarks in terms of design, knowledge and expertise.