Digital Media Planner

Media Module

The media manager organises your own files, documents and news feeds in an Explorer-like folder structure. Using a scheduler, it is possible to manage the whole playlist or each device individually. The media manager consists of a Media Centre, Media Pool, Channel Planner and Scheduler.

Device Module

Devices and software components are created and managed in the device module. In addition to the ability to configure the IP address, the location and the type of device, it is possible to register all device software components, determine the software version, or schedule feedback to the central database. The Device Manager consists of a Device Configurator, Component Configurator, Status Viewer, Player Configurator and Layout Designer.

Messaging Module

In the messaging module, all the settings can be configured, which are relevant for various event logs and notifications. This allows, for example, a message to be sent to the maintenance team when the CPU temperature is exceeded. All events and status over time can be logged and analysed. The messaging module consists of an Event Logger, Transfer Logger, Limit Planner and Service Planner.

Visual Navigator

The Visual Navigator presents the entire system landscape in a clear manner:, displaying all the important status information at a glance.


In addition to standard reports, such as 'availability', 'transfer time' or 'system status', individual reports can also be quickly compiled using Listgenerator.

Passanger Information Manager

This module allows timetable systems such as HAFAS to be embedded. Not only is the next station relative to the vehicle's position displayed, but information about possible connections is also provided.


In addition to the basic layout, additional parameters like resolution, refresh rate or news feeds are defined in the CMS. The timeline provides an overview of the media content.