Innsbruck Public Transport Company

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Information for passengers on major tram and bus routes
    Project start 2008
    Installations 67 screens on 37 buses
    198 screens on 33 trams
    Technical 51,000 people per day
    Operating hours 19 hours per day (05:00 to 00:00)
    Operator Infoscreen
    System Complete system (Digital Media Suite + Hardware)
    Users Passengers
    Sector Public transport


    With the digital 'City Telegram', the capital of the state of Tyrol not only provides information about municipal services, but also regularly gathers the opinions of the city's inhabitants. This is an important step for the city in becoming more in touch with its citizens.

    Short description

    The highly-innovative 'City Telegram' project was made possible thanks to the decentralised content management system and its diverse possibilities in integrating news and advertisement partners into the Sycube portal. The diverse services of Innsbruck are communicated on a daily basis - ranging from news and events to interactive elements such as the "Question of the Week". This is all made possible by the dynamic technology from Sycube. All the editorial team requires are a web browser and access authorisation.

    As the only digital information medium in the public sphere, it is possible to reach approximately 40 percent of the population of Innsbruck. The regional focus of the content plays an important role, of course.

    Yet, selected content from national and international news partners can also be shown, some of which is fed directly from the Sycube news feed tool, the Kurier (an Austrian newspaper), the news publishing group Krone, (a sports website), or Reuters.


    In a massive modernisation drive, the now rather dated tram stock was replaced by modern low-floor trams, equipped with the Sycube passenger information system. This reaches around 20 million passengers every year who travel on Lines 1, 3 and O, and the Stubai Valley Railway.

    One important aspect in replacing the vehicles: Not only was network and fleet brought up to the state of the art, the information policy also underwent an update. We equipped Innsbruck's public transport services with a passenger information system combined with CCTV.

    Special features

    City Telegram
    The City Telegram allows direct communication between Innsbruck's public transport services and their passengers.

    HSDPA connection with the trains
    The UMTS transfer method HSDPA is used to transmit the program from the control centre to the vehicles nationwide. Sycube successfully tested the technology in Vienna for the first time in collaboration with Infoscreen and Dr. Richard Public Transport Company.

    Public perception

    An entry on an online forum for Innsbruck University says a lot about the passenger experience: "I don't travel much on the buses in Innsbruck, but I recently saw these information screens on a trolleybus. It's a blend of news, weather forecasts, cultural information and so on. I think these info screens are a wonderful idea, particularly if you are on the bus for quite a while.