Klagenfurt Public Transport Company

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Information for passengers on major tram and bus routes
    Project start 2008
    Installations 42 screens on the most heavily-used bus routes in Klagenfurt
    Technical 22,000 people per day
    Operating hours 19 hours per day (05:00 to 00:00)
    Operator Infoscreen
    System Complete system (Digital Media Suite + Hardware)
    Users Passengers
    Sector Public transport
    Link www.ivb.at


    Integration of Klagenfurt into the central advertising platform, as well as up-to-date passenger information for everyone.

    Short description

    Since March 2008, the City Channel has been present in Austria's most southern state. Passengers on the most heavily-used bus services and Klagenfurt Public Services are kept up to date with a tried-and-tested infotainment mix of local and national news, culture, sport weather and event information, the bus' progress along the route and the available connections.

    DI Oswald of Klagenfurt Public Services said: "We wanted to provide innovative infotainment for our customers." Two monitors were installed on articulated buses, so passengers can benefit from the information wherever they sit. The transmission method is based on the latest technology, such as HSDPA. In this way, the buses are supplied with the most up-to-date information, wherever they are on the network.

    Special features

    Bright screens
    Bright screens provide high contrast and pin-sharp images

    Directly transmitted to the vehicle
    The UMTS transfer method HSDPA ensures a smooth process. The program is transmitted in real time directly from the control centre to the end terminals on the buses.

    Players and transfers also work with slow connections
    A further advantage for the Klagenfurt Public Transport Company was that no construction work in the city was required and the players work if the connection is slow or interrupted. If the connection to the control centre is lost, the SYCUBE software uses restart points that transfer the content lost from the time of the interruption back to the bus.