Linz Public Transport Company

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Information for passengers and infotainment system for 37 buses and 14 trams
    Project start 2009
    Installations 480 image screens (17" displays)
    Technical coverage 206,000 people
    Operating hours 19 hours per day (05:00 to 00:00)
    Operator Infoscreen
    System Complete system (Digital Media Suite + Hardware)
    Users Passengers
    Sector Public transport


    Construction of a modern passenger information system on the most heavily-used rail and bus services.

    Short description

    Since 2009, Linz has proven itself as a beating steel city and capital of Upper Austria in the field of public transport, demonstrating not only its willingness to invest but also its capacity for innovation. On board the Linz Public Transport Company's fleet of Cityrunners, one of the most modern low-floor trams in Europe, passengers are provided with entertainment and information by Infoscreen.The program design has a regional focus thanks to the participation of local news partners  This occurs on the one hand in the form of local news, the regional daily weather report and on the other hand through details about events.


    With more than 96 million passengers each year, Linz Public Transport Company operates one of the most heavily-used public transport networks in Austria. From 2015,  all trams and buses will be equipped with the Sycube system. The aim is to reach 150,000 passengers in Linz every day.

    Special features

    State-of-the-art equipment
    One of the strong points of the infrastructure is undoubtedly its modern equipment. Passengers are informed about the next stops and any possible delays. Without a doubt, the new electronic passenger information system and the connection to the Sycube system form part of the success.

    Focus on the arts and culture
    Announcements of art and cultural events made on board  buses and trams in Linz are directly reflected in attendance figures.

    Information for deaf and hard of hearing passengers
    With the conversion to CityRunner, information for deaf passengers has also been improved further. This constituted a major reason why the old Cityrunners were retrofitted with screens for passenger information.

    Public perception

    Complementing the infotainment programme, the screens display route information, thanks to the passenger information system from SYCUBE. Currently, there are plans for a full roll-out. The passenger information systems are perceived as comfortable, informative and entertaining.