Organisations and Companies

The range of comfortable and secure bicycle stands at the operating location is a major reason for employees to use the bike on the way to work, especially if the parking areas are closer and more accessible than those for cars.  It is even more ideal of course to provide bikes, Pedelecs and bike stands for employees. Our goal is to provide businesses with meaningful, fully automated mobility concepts and work out the ideal framework conditions with regard to accessibility, size, number of cycles, comfort and safety with your business. According to the Styria State Corporate Mobility Management Guidelines, an ideal location should also provide "access-protected bike stands" with recharging facilities for electric bikes and Pedelecs.

Based on experience in recent years, we have seen that company bikes not only represent a cost-effective and rapid means of transport on a large company site, but have also proved effective for journeys made in the immediate business environment. Whether on company time or for personal reasons, appointments in town can be reached more quickly and cheaply for the most part, as well as in a more environmentally-friendly way than by car.  Even better would be to only use a company Pedelec. If Pedelecs are used instead of a company car, in combination with season tickets for public transport, and these mobility services are provided to employees, including for private use, the use of company cars can often be avoided. Another  benefit is that this private use does not form part of the employee's salary.

Our system supports all contemporary models, from assigning a bike to a particular employee, to reserving for or allocating quotas to customers or third parties.

In the sense of corporate identity, company bikes are designed in line with the company's design and therefore also serve as a form of advertising.

We offer not only stations with hardware and software, but  the entire range of services from planning to maintenance. A health account for your employees (which is tax-deductible in Germany) is of course included.