Outdoor Passenger Information in Eisenstadt

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Passenger information system suitable for outdoors
    Installations 3 screens
    Technical 8,000 people per day
    Operating hours 18 hours per day (04:30 to 22:30)
    Operator Infoscreen
    System Complete system (Digital Enterprise Suite + Digital Media Suite + Hardware)
    Users Passengers
    Sector Public transport, local authorities
    Website www.infoscreen.at


    Reinforcing the city centre and creating an attractive design for public transport by integrating a state-of-the-art information system.

    Short description

    From the 209 projects submitted, SYCUBE together with Infoscreen came in second place for the Austrian Transport Club (VCÖ) Prize on "multi-modal mobility". The Cathedral Square is the central transport hub in Eisenstadt. Hundreds of buses start their journey here every day, bound for Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, the Seewinkel area and the whole of Central Burgenland. Thanks to these screens in the square, Infoscreen has rejuvenated the public transport network in eastern Austria since 2009.

    It is not only an ideal positioning but also the high-tech equipment that ensures the undivided attention of viewers Bright 42" screens convey up-to-date information on the transport network as well as the City Channel's programme in the form of vertical split screens. This is configured via our central booking platform and sent directly via data link to the multimedia terminals at the Cathedral Square.

    Every day, 370 buses carrying around 8,000 passengers leave the terminal on the square.

    Special features

    HDSPA connection
    The monitors are connected via HSDPA. There is no need for any excavation work or cable laying, thereby saving materials and labour. The system's fast connection means that it is best suited to displaying multimedia information.

    Extra-slim outdoor screens
    Proven quality of extremely thin and durable outdoor screens that can even withstand the Burgenland heat.