Postbus Bus Services in Salzburg

    Key points of the project

    Status In Operation
    Objective Up-to-date information for bus passengers
    Project start 2012
    Installations 51 screens
    Operator Postbus Regionalmanagement
    System Complete system (Digital Media Suite + Hardware)
    Users Passengers
    Sector Public transport


    Real-time information for bus passengers.


    Thanks to our long years of experience in supplying passenger information systems, Sycube can integrate multiple information sources into the display system (including route progress, stops, final stops and route number).

    Special features

    Integration of internal bus data (stop request)
    Connections are displayed using external data sources. Data is transferred in real time - changes and delays are visible immediately.

    Real-time acknowledgement of delays
    Likewise, there is a connection to the internal signal system of the bus. This allows a passenger stop request to be displayed. Any delays are incorporated into the passenger information system in real time.

    Integrated connection securing
    As soon as an unforeseen delay arises on the transport network, the driver has two ways to react: 1. If the driver waits, then connection is maintained. The vehicle departs at a later point, which can in turn lead to connection problems at subsequent stops. 2. If the driver does not wait, the vehicle departs on time and some passengers miss the connection. The entire system is optimised using mathematical optimisation algorithms.

    Public perception

    The integrated system was very well received by passengers, particularly highlighting the real-time integration of connections. Due to this very positive feedback, development has been accelerated.