Premium Package

The Premium Package include all services, components and information that a modern waste management centre could need.

The package supports and fulfils following processes & legal provisions:

  • Austrian Waste Management Act 2002
  • Waste Control Ordinance
  • Landfill Ordinance - electronic reporting
  • Disposal of old electronic devices
  • Reporting to the Ministry; EDM (Electronic Data Management in the environment and waste industry)- Import/Export via data interface in XML format
  • Administration of GLN numbers, types of waste, master data in the waste industry ...

All logistics and manufacturing processes from input to output can be mapped in the system and managed.

Identification and categorisation are already carried out at the entrance for private individuals; separate private entrances can be defined.

Identification, authorisation, scanning for hazardous materials (radioactivity) and weighing are carried out automatically.

On-board computer on transport vehicles (such as forklifts and excavators) document and optimise the manufacture and separation processes.

All payment transactions from ticket vending machines to direct debit are supported.

Corporate customers will benefit from the automated container identification.

Entry and exit detection is equally suitable for passenger cars and HGVs (vehicle number plate recognition and image capture)

Close monitoring due to multiple detectors columns in a control unit: The detection limits and basic conditions are customer and process-friendly (lower detection limit: 60kBq at 5 km/h and with a 4 m clearance).