Starter Package

VPN - Internet connection
Data is sent to the ASP Centre via your existing internet connection. A "virtual" private network with bank-grade security is built. The application itself is run in a protected high-security room.

With Sycube waste management solutions, you will be relying on 10 years of experience. Thanks to ASP server hosting and online access, the service is available around the clock, with no investment in your own IT infrastructure required.

The software that comes with the Starter package complies with the following statutory framework conditions: Austrian Waste Management Act 2002, Waste Control Ordinance, Waste Balance Sheet Ordinance and Waste Catalogue.Employees at the waste management facility are directly connected to the Sycube logistic system via a wireless network.

This does away with the need for costly investments in your own hardware.

Hand-held console
The hand-held console establishes a secure connection with the control centre. The device is very reliable and cost-effective.