System Overview

Key questions

  • How should the screens be organised?
  • What kind of content should there be?
  • Can data be dynamically integrated?
  • How does integration work for external content providers and partners?
  • Scheduling the playlist
  • Transfer of content to the installations
  • Access to the content management system
  • Customer and campaign management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Anti-virus concept

Important points regarding the player:

  • Playback Format: Flash
  • ticker and heading
  • Multiscreens
  • Sound

Important points regarding the hardware:

Selecting the industry computer to use

  • According to specifications
  • According to demandsAccording to cooling requirements

Selecting the display

  • According to type (e.g. screen with an integrated computer)
  • According to amount
  • According to specifications, size and quality
  • Diagnostic control
  • Connection material to use
  • Mountings