Transfer Service

The transfer service guarantees a up-to-date and accurate transmission from the control centre to the individual sites. Depending on the IT infrastructure and communications network, different transfer mechanisms are supported by us - from streaming via UMTS to offline versions using a USB stick.

Media Server

The files of the individual media are stored on the media server. The media server is nothing more than a data container and, together with the media metadata, paves the way for the smooth transfer to the transfer client and the installations.

Media Metadata

The media metadata is created using the modules of the central management system. Depending on the settings that were defined in the Media Manager and Device Manager, and depending on the status of the transfer server, media metadata can be created or modified.

Transfer Server

Using the transfer server and the physical files that are stored on the media server, and the media metadata provided, incorporating locations, installations units, playing times, as well as prioritisation and many other parameters for example, the data packets are put together on the transfer server and prepared ready to be sent/retrieved. The transfer server ensures a smooth transmission to the transfer client.